Windsweep Farm is located on the gently rolling farmland plains, northwest of Dixon,IL. Owned and operated by the Sheaffer family for 70 years, the fourth generation now carries on the tradition of animal husbandry. Windsweep Farm began in the Sheaffer family as a dairy and crop farm but now a variety of creatures, in addition to the dairy cows, call the farm home. Pigs, chickens, sheep, and goats also reside at Windsweep. The livestock help us be more self-sustainable, providing manure as fertilizer for the fields where crops are grown to feed us and our livestock.

About Products & Animals

Animals at Windsweep are raised naturally and humanely with no hormones or antibiotics. Antibiotics are only used when needed for recovery from injury or illness. Feed for the animals is homegrown and harvested, except for extra vitamins, minerals, and protien that the livestock need to maintian a balanced diet. All diets are 100% vegetarian. All livestock are pasture-raised, non confined and cage-free. Windsweep Farm provides beef in custom cut quarters, halves and wholes. Individual cuts of beef are available at the farm daily. Pork can be purchased custom cut in halves or wholes and by individual cut. Chickens are available custom cut and are sold by the bird. Lamb and goat is available custom cut by the half or whole. 

Windsweep Farm makes a delivery to Grayslake, IL three times a year, in the spring, summer and fall. If you would like your order to be included in a drop off, please select "I will pick my order up at the farm" during checkout and make a note in the "Additional Comments" field that you'd like to pick up at Grayslake.

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